Faster. Smarter. More Profitable.

Laso helps financial institutions leverage machine learning and automation to better understand their customers, calculate risk and optimize lending. Find out how our insights and technology can increase your bottom line.

Laso has Partnered with Financial Institutions to Provide:

$4.5+ Billion

in loans underwritten

$750+ Million

in loans issued

$125+ Million

in interest earned

Your Growth Partners

Laso’s Intelligence Engines continuously analyze millions of data points. We unlock insights & automate lending activities that help financial institutions provide more capital to growing businesses across the country.



“[Laso is] revitalizing traditional lending ... a groundbreaking approach ... tested and proved lending hundreds of millions of dollars.”
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“A full-measure AI proposition ... a machine learning solution that develops and tests multiple complex lending algorithms ... models can be retrained automatically in the face of new data.”
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Achieve More

Laso brings together an experienced team of machine learning specialists, banking and finance experts, data scientists and technologists. Our executives help financial institutions uncover market insights, increase their knowledge of their customers and predictively solve client needs.


Let's Work Together

Laso helps our clients dramatically improve revenue performance and overall profitability. Connect with us to:

  • Discover the most actionable insights & signals in your data

  • Leverage automation to drive efficiency & scale

  • Utilize AI to accelerate & optimize your lending activities

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