Powerful Ways to Drive Results

Powerful Ways to Drive Results

Provide automated, risk-based credit decisions in seconds instead of weeks. Handles the full range of actions to originate, underwrite, and service small business loans leveraging machine learning, predictive models, and advanced analytical techniques.

Automate, Accelerate

Digital Application

Bring every component of your loan application online, including electronic data capture, document capture, and e-signature. Our machine learning and automation engines automatically enrich applicant information with data points from trusted third parties to instantly verify eligibility.

Real-Time Marketing Engine

After applying, our AI-driven lending algorithms programmatically evaluate every transaction in an applicant’s bank account within moments. Our system identifies patterns in data to generate an alternative credit score that has been validated by Equifax and Moody's to effectively rank-order default risk and enable intelligent risk-based pricing.

Instant Decisioning & Underwriting

Our advanced analytics engines can make decisions on applications within seconds, providing real-time approvals and same-day funding. Expand your lending operations with a system that can make up to 1.2 million credit decisions per hour for scalable end-to-end capital deployment.

Customization & Control

Configurable Lending Policies Icon

Configurable Lending Policies

Fully customizable evaluation metrics, including terms, amounts, credit knockout criteria, segment-based pricing, compliance policies, and document requirements. Build and deploy new models instantly.

Compliance Documentation Icon

Compliance Documentation

Our system automatically generates all legally-required compliance documentation. Provide audit rights for customers and regulators alongside coordinated change management, regulatory reporting, history logs, and more.

Automate Scroller Asset

Servicing, Solved

Everything you need to automate the delivery and servicing of financial products, end-to-end.

Installments & Servicing Icon

Installments & Servicing

We've handled over 1 million automated installment payments, enabling per-loan servicing costs that are a fraction of industry leaders. Reduce your costs by up to 93%.

Payment Reconciliation Icon

Payment Processing & Reconciliation

Automate every action involved in payment processing and refund reconciliation. Put your collection strategies and workflows for delinquent borrowers on autopilot.

Anomaly Detection Icon

24/7 Monitoring with Anomaly Detection

Leverage artificial intelligence to enable real-time 24/7 account monitoring. Proactively lower default risk with early warnings capable of detecting and preventing fraud.

Automate Full

Gain a Distinct Advantage

Provide your customers with the most technologically advanced lending solution available. Built for rapid adoption, focused on drivers of scale.

Everything you need to digitize the full range of activities necessary to originate, underwrite, and service financial products.

Enterprise-class security, AICPA SOC 1® Type II certified.

Move faster. Do more for your customers. Lower your cost of delivering financial services.

Let's discuss Automate


Let's discuss Automate


Let's discuss Automate


Let's discuss Automate